October 2006: Hatcher Pass vacation and some Turnagain love (?)

More to come, but here's my favorite way to chill out in the backcountry :-)

October 2006: Winter's Back!!! Crow Pass

Well, it may not be 30" in 24 hours, but we have glaciers and the like to allow for some early season turns. Day one of the season was a few solid laps off of Hatcher Pass (day out with the ladies - w00t w00t! Sorry, no pics . . .) and then I figured why stop . . . so my buddy and I headed up to the Crow Pass hut and skied the Jewel and Crow Glaciers. Both were fairly wind-affected, but coverage was good and made for fun, fast turns. Plus, it was good to be back in winter wonderland!

Some pics for your enjoyment . . .

Looking down on the lake from the Jewel

Jewel Peak is almost ready

Good to be skinning again

Sure is ugly from up there!

Holy couloirs!

View of the Jewel from the Crow

And a skier - go Anthony (sorry for the shitty quality)!

It was kind of a bummer to have to walk down through the boulder areas, and the bottom of my skis let me know I tried to ski too far, but it wasn't altogether horrible for October

July 2006: Erin's wedding!!!

My sister Erin got married on July 29th - she rented a B&B on the Washington coast. Overall, it was a great weekend of catching up with old friends, getting the family together, celebrating, dancing, and getting to wear a dress! She even let me be the maid of honor :-)

August/September 2006: Las Lenas, Argentina

June 2006: Byron and Whittier

6/4/2006 - Whittier
Well, after about an hour driving around trying to figure out access (without gnar-gnar alder bushwhacking!), we discovered a trail that involved only 5 minutes on dirt . . . not bad for June! After a few false summits, we were stoked to get to the top and be greeted with a view of Prince William Sound, looking down on Blackstone Bay . . . I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The sound

Blackstone Bay - glaciers to the sea :)

(photo: Ryan Hokanson)

A few steepish turns . . .

(photo: Ryan Hokanson)

Is that cruise ship waiting for us?

Overall, it was a great day, complete with salmon burgers on the shore when the skiing was over and rock climbing on the drive home!

6/5/2006 Byron Glacier (near Portage)

The next day, we went in pursuit of another multisport day on the Byron Glacier. The plan was to climb something and get a nice view, and then hit some sport climbs near the base.

We ended up climbing to the ridgeline directly over my right shoulder in this pic when the weather kinda came in, reminding me that one should not plan for spring conditions to persist all day!

Time to ski! That's portage lake way down there. Just on the other side of it is a 6 mile tunnel through the mountain that takes you to Whittier - pretty cool

(photo: Ryan Hokanson)

Ryan on the cool steep part . . . what's a day of spring skiing if you don't get to bootpack up something?

The ski down was surprisingly good, and it was MUCH warmer once we got off that silly windy ridge! Then it was time for some sport climbing . . . w00t w00t!!

Overall, it was a great couple of days! I had told myself before that the skis were up for the season, but you can't turn away from sunny skies and great corn snow!!!