April 2006: Ron and Tim come to visit!

This same week as Mt. Ascension, Ron and Tim were here visiting to heli-ski with CPG, but I got to be tour guide on the weekends . . . I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard - it was great to have 'em here!!!

Alyeska tram goofiness!!

Dropping into one of my favorite spots on Cornbuscuit (photo: Ron Shevock)

Hooray for Alaska sunshine!!!

"Guys, do we have time for one more . . . puhleez?!!" (photo: Ron Shevock)

The place I like to call "the projects" - finally went back and nabbed a few of these later in the year . . . (photo: Ron Shevock)

Me skiing north of Tenderfoot (photo: Ron Shevock)

I suppose the other notable thing about this week is that I bought a house! (photo: Ron Shevock)

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