July 2006: 1st Annual Kite Festival Invitational - Harding Icefield

Ryan and I went to the Harding Icefield for 4th of July for the "1st Annual Kite Festival Invitational." We didn't really know if anyone was going to show up, but there turned out to be 11 in total for one night. We had a great time, learned to fly our kites, skied some cool lines, and made some new friends . . . A great couple of days overall!!!

What's a day in the mountains if you don't get to bootpack up something!?! (photo: Ryan Hokanson)

Heather kiting (photo: Ryan Hokanson)

Jason kiting (photo: Ryan Hokanson)
Mountain anarchy, as Jason termed it . . . (photo: Ryan Hokanson)

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