12.16.07 The fun continues

Well, Scott and I headed out for another day of fun and he had the camera . . . so enjoy the pics!!! The day started out pretty stormy and cold, but then cleared around 1ish, which allowed for some great views and some more new and cool lines in our favorite little playground :-)

Looking toward the Chugach - maybe we need to go ski that elevator shaft in the foreground, eh?!?
A brief poetic pause :-)

3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . dropping - maybe one day I'll be rad and air cornices, but no thanks for now!

I love coastal powder!!!!
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12.14.07 Another Sweet Day

Well, Scott and I headed out Friday for what turned out to be another sunny and beautiful day, once you got above the clouds!!! The best part is that this area was holding good light until the end of the day (skiing 'til 5pm!), not to mention good snow . . . we had 4 great runs on 3 aspects, all holding fabulous surface snow. The only bummer is the widespread surface hoar that makes for such great skiing may prove to be a pain for the rest of the season! Photos courtesy of the one-and-only Scott Fennel :)

Hmmm, that line needs to get skied . . .
Dropping in . . .

Still going, still good snow!

Finishing it off!
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12.10.07 A stormy day at Summit

After waking up to pouring rain in Girwood and looking at the weather sites, we decided to head to Summit in hopes of being pleasantly surprised by conditions . . . there was lots of new snow, good tree skiing, and funny people . . . but it was wet and howling wind, which constrained us to the lower slopes. It was still a fun day and we managed to eek out 4 respectable runs :-) And, I made it home in time to make pumpkin bread, so all is right in my world again!

Here's one pic that sumis it up . . . photo by Scott Fennel with Ron and I skinning through the milk
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December 3: West face of Silvertip

Taking advantage of the last day of sunshine before the latest storm rolled in, Tory, Hugh, and I headed toward Summit to ski the west face of Silvertip. It's a line we've all looked at for a long time, and were super psyched to ski! We started at Manitoba and skied a great line off the north side, then proceeded to our main line . . . the first picture shows climbs in red and descents in blue.

Silvertip and Manitoba

Tory at the iced-over rive . . . nice way to start the day :-)

Yet another amazing evening, and the first line off Manitoba in the foreground

Tory getting ready on Silvertip



It was another headlamp finish and a starry night at the car . . . today was a rest day for me, as the last 6 days of amazing skiing, good friends, and great weather has worn me out! We got ~4" at my house today, so I'm psyched to see what it's like out there tomorrow!

December 2: Girl's day out!

On Sunday, Erica, Rachel, and I headed out for another sunny day. The wind had come up and the temps had fallen, but we still found some good snow and enjoyed the day . . .

The evening turned out to be unexpected as Rachel was on the phone with her good friend Liz Rumsey when she was shot by a crazy man on a rampage in Anchorage . . . certainly an unexpected twist in the day that left everyone in shock. Liz is still in the ICU and has undergone surgery, but is thankfully expected to recover. The full story is here in the Anchorage Daily News.

December 1: Another day on in paradise!

Ryan, Sherrie, Hugh, and I headed out for another sunny day in the mountains. We picked up Dave Bass on the roadside (quite literally) since he had a broken down car and the tow truck only had room for 2 people . . . since Dave has the highest motivation to ski of anyone I know, the choice was obvious who would be set free . . . we set off for the drainage of good snow that we had skied by on the way to Big Chief. I'll let the pictures do the talking, but suffice it to say it was a great day!!!

Somehow the matching coats never get old :-)

Dave and Hugh on the way up the not-so-friendly skin track . . . one could say it was "engaging"

Sherrie and some beautiful early morning (10 am!) light

Ryan dropping in - gotta love the bluebird pow!

Can you see my smile?

Nice Bro product placement, eh?!?!

Dave descending into the abyss

Still going, and winning the prize for most turns made!

Me on top of our 4th line with Big Chief in the background . . . what a day!

We got inspired to drop one last line into a new drainage, knowing that it'd mean a finish in the dark . . . Ryan and Sherrie in contemplation over the best way down

Hugh preparing to drop in

Dave psyched to ski another line

Sherrie on the final pitch with some more amazing light

And the fun continues with Dave

A new drainage to come back and explore . . .

Dave with our final line above him . . . it must have been a solid 2000' descent, but I didn't measure it!

November 30: Skiing Big Chief

Ryan, Hugh, and I ventured over across Seattle Creek to ski Big Chief . . . it was a great day, with good snow pretty far down the first drainage, and a pretty quick skin up the ridge. The line skied pretty well for being as long as it was. It was carveable snow with about 1" of soft on top. We had enough time to ski one sweet south-facing line that we'd passed on the way out, which was a perfect cap to the day . . . not bad!

Seattle Creek and Turnagain Arm from the skin up

Hugh and Ryan on the summit

Hugh descending . . . the line was ~3000' in total (to the creek)

Ryan incoming

Hugh headed down the apron - sweet snow!

Yet another crazy glide crack

Skinning back up to Seattle Ridge

Hugh skiing the bonus line - great snow, but super flat end-of-the-day winter light

Still skiing, with the highway below

A few creek crossings and some flat travel - back to the car by dark - great day!