December 2006: Back to Baker!!!

Well, a frustrating hitch at work, combined with good conditions at Baker and high avy conditions in southcentral had me heading to the airport. I spent a week back in the promised land reconnecting with old friends, skiing some great snow, and generally having a fabulous time!

Shuksan on the way out the arm

All smiles after a great run down the heli line at the end of the day . . . and because we're en route to the tap room!
Hooray for Baker on a bluebird day!
Dan K gettin' some off Huntoon
Dan K gettin' more - I was stoked to get in this chute . . . it skied fast :-)
Debore showing us the way the tele turn should look! Nothin' like Seatac coffee with Squirrely Tim :-)

November 2006: Ice climbing extravaganza!

November gave us about a month of high pressure with COLD temperatures . . . when could be better to make a foray into the sport of ice climbing?!?! I got styled out with some borrowed gear from my coworker, and stoked that all my new ski buddies were actually climbers at heart!

My living room gear explosion told me we're definitely not skiing anymore!

Sweet view of a very frozen Portage Lake from "Dreams of Brown Moose"

Scotty on a pretty cool climb up middle glacier in Portage . . . "it's a little thin in here!"
Scotty showing us how it's done . . .
All smiles for the new adventure :-)
Me on "Ripple" in Eklutna Canyon . . . extreme! ;-)
Where'd the ice go?
The last day out, Jared and I decided to head across Portage Lake to "Hands Across the Water" - later in the year, this gets snow covered, so I guess it's a somewhat rare opportunity to climb. We went for the dawn start cuz we thought a bunch of people were headed out there, but it turned out we had it to ourselves for most of the day. Oh well, it was nice to watch the sunrise anyhow :-)

Jared starting out
Sunrise over the lake
Go, Jared, go!
Hooray, we made it!! Is it time to go skiing yet?!?
Sweet view of Portage Glacier and the hundreds of ice skaters (that look like ants) below!