March 10 Kern Creek Extravaganza!

Well, Saturday dawned somewhat stormy, so Ben and I headed to Kern Creek for some sheltered powder and good turns . . . 16-24" had fallen in the storm and had a day to settle.

The veiws from Kern never disappoint . . . especially when the day starts to clear!
Perhaps some snow safety :-) Funky facets with new snow on top called for careful route finding

Trail breaking was deep . . . . . . but smiles abounded for the run to come!
By the time we reached the top, the sun had come out . . . welcome to scenic Alaska! Holy deep powder bliss!!!

Nothing like skiing into Turnagain Arm . . . I really can't get enough of this area.
After our first run, we headed back up to the top of this mountain in the foreground (picture taken a few days later) to ski the dominant couloir from the summit. I had made an attempt on this line earlier in the season, and was stoked to finally ski it!!!

But first, one more scenic shot from the top

And then she drops in . . . my conscious thought at this moment was: "THIS is why I ski!"

Ben incoming . . . The lower half wasn't quite as rewarding as the top, but such is life . . . and it was still totally worth it! Here comes Ben . . .
Nothing like being greeted by the train when you're done!
And another beautiful sunset over the arm!
Helluva day to be out!!!