March 19: Kickstep!!

Another sunny day yielded an opportunity to go nab Kickstep! This one has been on my list for ahwhile, and I was stoked to head out with Jason, Karen, and my friend Craig from Mt. Baker!

The view from our run down Tincan south face . . . that's further than it looks! We ended up booting the ridge, and then skiing the sunny face.
Karen skinning into the sky :-)
Jason, the bootpacking madman!A view into the bliss that awaited us - we wanted to summit, but this is what we eventually skied . . . pure magic!!Karen on her way up . . . Craig on the section that measured a solid 55 degrees!
Obligatory summit shot of Craig and me :-)
Craig dropping in - his like choked down to "30 feet of tips and tails" - he was glad to have his whippet!
Overall, a great day, complete with great people, an interesting climb, some questions on the line, and a fabulous ski!

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