Skiing Denali - May 30 to June 16, 2007

I just got back from a fabulous ski trip on Denali - I don't have time to write the whole story right now, but wanted to get a few pics up in the meantime . . . Enjoy!!

Nora and I, ready for flight . . . and psyched not to be spending a few days on a Talkeetna runway! Nora skiing above 11,200' camp - the scenery really sucked!
All smiles on the trail :-)
On vacation above Squirrel Hill . . . skiing back to 11-camp after a carry to 13,600'
Skiing back into camp . . .
Nora skiing above 14-camp . . . helluva way to acclimatize! Pic from the West Buttress below Washburn's Thumb . . . we hiked to 18,500' this day as an acclimatization, and turned around when the wind came up on the other side of Denali Pass.
Two days later on the West Rib . . . Nora taking off from the "notch camp" at 16,000'
Nick and Kremer preparing to drop into the Orient - 19,300' . . . I was feeling the thin air!
Kremer in the Orient

Another shitty view of Foraker from 14-camp!
2 days later on 6/14/07, my skis and I summited! We journeyed down to the football field at 19,300' to meet up with "ski camp" gathering at the top of the Messner Couloir
Has the Alaska Range ever seen such a beautiful day? Summit view.
"Ski camp" at the top of the Messner
Chris incoming . . .
Clark killing it!
Friday night descent of the Kahiltna - amazing night, amazing colors, amazing views (nice to see it since we ascended in a whiteout!), amazing way to end an amazing trip!
Sunrise view of Foraker from base camp
All smiles for a safe descent with the mountain in the background . . . real coffee only a plane flight away!
View of the mountain from the plane . . . so sad to be leaving!!!