Skiing Denali - May 30 to June 16, 2007

I just got back from a fabulous ski trip on Denali - I don't have time to write the whole story right now, but wanted to get a few pics up in the meantime . . . Enjoy!!

Nora and I, ready for flight . . . and psyched not to be spending a few days on a Talkeetna runway! Nora skiing above 11,200' camp - the scenery really sucked!
All smiles on the trail :-)
On vacation above Squirrel Hill . . . skiing back to 11-camp after a carry to 13,600'
Skiing back into camp . . .
Nora skiing above 14-camp . . . helluva way to acclimatize! Pic from the West Buttress below Washburn's Thumb . . . we hiked to 18,500' this day as an acclimatization, and turned around when the wind came up on the other side of Denali Pass.
Two days later on the West Rib . . . Nora taking off from the "notch camp" at 16,000'
Nick and Kremer preparing to drop into the Orient - 19,300' . . . I was feeling the thin air!
Kremer in the Orient

Another shitty view of Foraker from 14-camp!
2 days later on 6/14/07, my skis and I summited! We journeyed down to the football field at 19,300' to meet up with "ski camp" gathering at the top of the Messner Couloir
Has the Alaska Range ever seen such a beautiful day? Summit view.
"Ski camp" at the top of the Messner
Chris incoming . . .
Clark killing it!
Friday night descent of the Kahiltna - amazing night, amazing colors, amazing views (nice to see it since we ascended in a whiteout!), amazing way to end an amazing trip!
Sunrise view of Foraker from base camp
All smiles for a safe descent with the mountain in the background . . . real coffee only a plane flight away!
View of the mountain from the plane . . . so sad to be leaving!!!


Andy said...

Holy shit, Kellie! That's a great trip. Can't wait to see/hear the rest of the report.

divisadero said...

Wow. Amazing pictures. Really inspiring stuff.

Megs said...

Love the pics Kellie. Still laughing about that Denali thing...dumb engineer. Hey, you have to tell me about that Google counter thing again, I want to get it! Fun hangin out the other night, hope the tooth's alright!

chrishansenpictures said...

Amazing stuff Kellie,
I just happened to find your blog and WOW!! such beautiful imagery and your smile looks amazing. you look so happy. I'm off to explore the Montana outback for a month. If it all doesn't burn away. Happy trails and safe travels to you.