July 2007: Scenes from Prudhoe

Well, I guess the "other half" of my life really isn't represented on this blog, so I thought I'd throw up some pictures from Prudhoe Bay this summer. (photos: Mitch Jensen)

Rob and I outside the PBOC (our camp, the Prudhoe Bay Operations Center)
Aren't the flowers lovely?!?
Flowstation 2 in the distance . . . my favorite run goes along the lake and then down the pipeline road. I used to work at FS2, but no longer!
Lonnie (vessel inspector), Jeff (tank inspector), and I at the Endicott fun run . . .

June 29 - July 7, 2007: 2nd Annual Harding Kite Festival Invitational . . . and packraft down the Killey River

Well, we held the 2nd Annual Kite Festival Invitational on the Harding just before the 4th of July. Rachel, Barry, Weston, and I headed up for 2 days of kiting/skiing, and then Weston and I crossed part of the Harding to packraft to the Kenai, while Barry and Rachel (the more intelligent members of the group) hiked back down the Exit Glacier . . .

Packing up after our first night at the cabin - the afternoon included some eating, sleeping, and skiing . . . there was some attempt to kite, but the wind didn't cooperate . . . (photo: Rachel James)
Barry in neverneverland on the Harding (photo: Rachel James)

Aaaah, contrasts (photo: Rachel James)

Weston and I enroute (photo: Rachel James)

Kellie wins the prize for the most colors . . . blissfully unaware of what was to come! (photo: Rachel James)

More to come about how the story ends . . . it was an adventure!!!