July 2007: Scenes from Prudhoe

Well, I guess the "other half" of my life really isn't represented on this blog, so I thought I'd throw up some pictures from Prudhoe Bay this summer. (photos: Mitch Jensen)

Rob and I outside the PBOC (our camp, the Prudhoe Bay Operations Center)
Aren't the flowers lovely?!?
Flowstation 2 in the distance . . . my favorite run goes along the lake and then down the pipeline road. I used to work at FS2, but no longer!
Lonnie (vessel inspector), Jeff (tank inspector), and I at the Endicott fun run . . .

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Dying Water Buffalo said...

Hey Kellie :) I just found your blog from your sig on TGR... so here I am stalking ya!

Anyways, I added you to my links on mine :)