December 1: Another day on in paradise!

Ryan, Sherrie, Hugh, and I headed out for another sunny day in the mountains. We picked up Dave Bass on the roadside (quite literally) since he had a broken down car and the tow truck only had room for 2 people . . . since Dave has the highest motivation to ski of anyone I know, the choice was obvious who would be set free . . . we set off for the drainage of good snow that we had skied by on the way to Big Chief. I'll let the pictures do the talking, but suffice it to say it was a great day!!!

Somehow the matching coats never get old :-)

Dave and Hugh on the way up the not-so-friendly skin track . . . one could say it was "engaging"

Sherrie and some beautiful early morning (10 am!) light

Ryan dropping in - gotta love the bluebird pow!

Can you see my smile?

Nice Bro product placement, eh?!?!

Dave descending into the abyss

Still going, and winning the prize for most turns made!

Me on top of our 4th line with Big Chief in the background . . . what a day!

We got inspired to drop one last line into a new drainage, knowing that it'd mean a finish in the dark . . . Ryan and Sherrie in contemplation over the best way down

Hugh preparing to drop in

Dave psyched to ski another line

Sherrie on the final pitch with some more amazing light

And the fun continues with Dave

A new drainage to come back and explore . . .

Dave with our final line above him . . . it must have been a solid 2000' descent, but I didn't measure it!

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