December 3: West face of Silvertip

Taking advantage of the last day of sunshine before the latest storm rolled in, Tory, Hugh, and I headed toward Summit to ski the west face of Silvertip. It's a line we've all looked at for a long time, and were super psyched to ski! We started at Manitoba and skied a great line off the north side, then proceeded to our main line . . . the first picture shows climbs in red and descents in blue.

Silvertip and Manitoba

Tory at the iced-over rive . . . nice way to start the day :-)

Yet another amazing evening, and the first line off Manitoba in the foreground

Tory getting ready on Silvertip



It was another headlamp finish and a starry night at the car . . . today was a rest day for me, as the last 6 days of amazing skiing, good friends, and great weather has worn me out! We got ~4" at my house today, so I'm psyched to see what it's like out there tomorrow!


andrew said...

Hey Kellie,

I'd like to see your pictures, but it seems a lot of them are not properly linked.


Kellie said...

Trying to fix it as we speak!

andrew said...

I should've said the linking issue extends through the rafting pictures.

Kellie said...

Fixed, finally!