November 30: Skiing Big Chief

Ryan, Hugh, and I ventured over across Seattle Creek to ski Big Chief . . . it was a great day, with good snow pretty far down the first drainage, and a pretty quick skin up the ridge. The line skied pretty well for being as long as it was. It was carveable snow with about 1" of soft on top. We had enough time to ski one sweet south-facing line that we'd passed on the way out, which was a perfect cap to the day . . . not bad!

Seattle Creek and Turnagain Arm from the skin up

Hugh and Ryan on the summit

Hugh descending . . . the line was ~3000' in total (to the creek)

Ryan incoming

Hugh headed down the apron - sweet snow!

Yet another crazy glide crack

Skinning back up to Seattle Ridge

Hugh skiing the bonus line - great snow, but super flat end-of-the-day winter light

Still skiing, with the highway below

A few creek crossings and some flat travel - back to the car by dark - great day!

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