2.8.08 Mt. Alpenglow

Well, I have many pictures from the past 2 weeks, but most aren't uploaded yet . . . so enjoy this pic taken by Scott Fennel of me skiing Mt. Alpenglow. You can see the Turnagain Arm and the New Seward Highway in the background. It was a pretty sweet day, complete with bushwhacking, ridge walking, goat following, and of course SKIING! The line skied pretty well and it is a super aesthetic peak! 8.5 hrs car-to-car at a pace that allowed us to enjoy the day :-)

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Sherrie Soltis said...

Nice shot! I love that you ski with your pink puffie! You look so cute and girly ripping big fat lines! :) Can't wait to see more!

Brittany said...

Nice Kellie!!!! Looks like a fantastic day out! Can't wait to get up there in just over a month!!!!

BTW- post some of those pics you have!!!

zhh said...

Posted your pic with one on fb from another Kelly, taken from the other side..
I enjoy your posts Kellie.