2.4.08 Peterson Creek - "The couloir of death!"

I spent a bunch of days exploring Peterson Creek in early February . . . this area is only 6ish miles from Girdwood, but really feels like the high alpine, Chugach style! Enjoy the view!!

Ryan skinning up - The "shoulder of death" is just above him - we bootpacked up that, and skied the couloir to the looker's right . . . 1800' of engaging, steep skiing :-)
Ryan at the top - Turnagain Arm in the background

Ryan descending . . .

Stylish Bro Models :-)


Sherrie Soltis said...

Yeah! You finally updated the blog, and after looking at your beautiful pictures I want more!!! Never satisfied! Looks like you got to ski some awesome "engaging" aka scare the shit of sherrie lines! Let me know when you find some dreamy powder!

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