2.5.08 Back up Peterson Creek

We were so psyched on our day up Peterson that we decided to head back the next day. We scoped the I-9 couloir from the road in anticipation of ending the day with some nice fall-line.

Ryan on the hike up - thank goodness for the sunshine since the thermometer was reading -15 deg F in the shade on the way up!

Still hiking . . . this line got sorta steep, but it was a pretty nice climb :-)

My tracks coming out, and Ryan in there somewhere!

Looking back at the line from the top of the I-9 . . . we skied from the high point on the looker's left of the photo.

Where's the entrance?!? And why does everything look so different from the top?

Finally found it - nice line!


Megan said...

2/5/08??? It's 4/4/08!

My patience for more is running thin! I want to see new stuff. =)

Hope you're well!

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