4.7.08 The Pastoral Mega-Tour

Unfortunately, I have been experiencing a lot of bad weather lately, which doesn't quite accomodate the skiing of big days and new lines. After waiting out weather in Girdwood and then Valdez, Neil and I were able to treat our cabin fever with an amazingly long and wonderful day on Turnagain. 4 lines, 10,700' of vertical, and many many miles of travel: Sunburst elevator shaft, traverse of Sunburst around the northeast side, up to Pastoral shoulder and down Santa Claus chute to the valley, up to Pastoral summit for a run down the north side to the base of Taylor Pass, over Taylor Pass to the top of Sunburst for a final run down the south face to the car. 10 hours of adventure :-)

Me coming down the hourglass with Neil's tracks in the foreground . . . sluff city!
Me on the way around Sunburst . . . Kickstep in the upper left corner.
Making progress :-)
At the base of Santa Claus chute - I was super psyched to ski this line as I've looked at it for awhile. It was STEEP and has a pretty decent rollover in it. Butterfly city!
Overall, it was a great day of exploring a new area, wearing myself out, skiing great snow, bootpacking a horrible rock garden, and appreciating the many wonders of Turnagain Pass :-)


Lorie Johnson said...

HI KELLIE! It's Lorie Johnson (Tessa's mom). I googled you to find an address so Tessa can send you a h.s. graduation announcement (can you believe it?) and I found this fabulous blog! These images are AMAZING! It looks like you are really enjoying life to the fullest. I'm so happy to see that. I hope you get this and you can email me your mailing address (and moms too). loriejohnson at comcast dot net. Hope to hear from you!


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Sherrie Soltis said...

Very nice update....what an incredible day...you kinda scare me!
As always, never satisfied and want to see more!

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