And then Erin's horse had a baby

Erin's horse was pregnant . . .

And then it had a baby . . . we were watching a movie and Jeff ran in yelling "it's here, it's here!" It took awhile for it to walk and even longer for it to drink some milk from mama, but eventually it figured out the deal, with some help from Jeff :-)
The happy family :-) Mom understands she'll never have grandkids, so this was a pretty monumental event!

Mama and baby . . .
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And a brief stop at my sister's house in Chinook

I stopped by PDX on the way home to Alaska to see my sister and mom.

Jeff and Erin . . . silly as always

Me and the adorable puppies - Buddy and Gus - after a great ride out to the light house . . . actually decent riding, and a pretty nice day!

Buddy getting comfy on the bike box . . . wanting to be treated like a super swanky carbon fiber road bike! What a cutie pie :-)

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And we bring you this brief interruption . . . CALIFORNIA!

I finally gave up on trying to ski in the rain and accept that it's spring. Mary Kay promised me "75 degrees and sunny" so I jumped on a plane to the Bay Area to see some old friends and ride my bike!

Amelia and I in Sausalito, pre ride

Alpine Dam . . . the middle of the Mt. Tam loop which is one of my favorite rides in the Bay Area . . . hills, mountains, redwoods, ocean!!!

Nothing like the world famous Golden Gate Bridge . . . fun in the morning, full combat avoid-the-tourists craziness on the way back!!
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5.7.08 Summit Peak 4916

At least that's what I think it's called.

Hugh and I headed to the old ski area and then south to the peak on Sugar Mountain to ski the N face off the summit . . . good skiing even though the light was super flat. It really felt like winter out there . . . where's May?

Hugh with the mountain/line in the background from the peak to the left of him.

I love flat light!!!! Sunshine is for losers!

If the fashion police call, let them know I ski with 2 jackets so that I never get bored with my looks. Sometimes pink is not appropriate.

The old rope tow looked cool and I had a camera, so here you go.

It was a good day, but I have to admit my fire for skiing has been dimming a bit, so I got home and booked a ticket to California! A 20 minute nap and some packing, and I was off to the airport for friends, sunshine, road bikes, and culture! More to come on that :-)
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5.6.08 A new (for me) line on Summit

Last April, I saw this mountain from the top of a sweet 3000' west facing road run and vowed to come back . . . after the Cooper Landing adventure, Hugh and I took advantage of the sunshine to go check out the N facing goodness . . .

Looks nice!

Skis nice too!

Looking down my second run . . . pretty sweet line with midwinter pow and slough!
Just missed the beaver, but oh well . . . the view was still tolerable ;-)
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5.5.08 Diagonal Couloir on Mt. Cecil in Cooper Landing

A new place, a new line, mountain goats, a tomahawking grizzly bear, some bushwhacking, and a great night with friends in Cooper Landing . . . yet another fabulous adventure :-)

On the way up . . . Cecil has a nice travelable ridge

Fairly asthetic skiing . . .

Umm, why is there a bear in my couloir between me and my friends?!?!?

Home free on the road to town . . . or not so much! What you don't see is the intro to bushwhacking season that followed this lovely spot . . . reminder: it is always easier to walk a little further on the road than take a "shortcut" through the woods on the Kenai!!!!
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5.4.08 A solo Sunburst adventure

Well, I spent the morning in Anchorage and rallied back home this afternoon . . . after not being able to decide if I should bail out of the state in search of a change of scene (and sunshine!), I decided to go ponder the meaning of life on Sunburst. Walking uphill always gives me peace of mind and the sensation of increasing clarity, although I would say that clarity is fleeting in this transitional time of year. I was greeted with fairly stormy conditions, although there was enough vis to make the travel straightforward. It was tank top weather, although the wind got a little cold up top . . . I kept with the tank top on principle though, because it is May after all. It's pretty crazy how this winter continues . . . there is still tons of snow on Turnagain, I skied in nuking wind in midwinter conditions yesterday, and drove home through a blizzard. All the while, it seems like spring should be here . . . the weather has been sub-par for trips and big objectives, the ski area is closed and the energy super mellow in Girdwood, and I've been wearing flip flops almost exclusively. I even got out my road bike (but later regretted that decision)! I'm not sure what to make of it all, really.

Windy moment at the top . . . bring on the pink puffball!
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5.2.08 Sunburst!

I gotta say, I really love motivated people!!! My new friend Chrissy May rallied down to Turnagain (from sunny Anchorage I might add) to rainy Girdwood (pouring is ab better word to describe what it had been doing all day) and we rallied out to Sunburst. The combo of great energy, fun conversation, and good music made the day super fun. The snow as also surprisingly good on the SW face, although a little thick down low.

Obligatory self portrait

Welcome to the milk . . .

It's always good to get out though, and we had fun, so all's well . . . Happy Spring :-)
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5.1.08 Pioneer Peak . . . or not so much!

AT and I made an attempt at the N face of Pioneer, but it seems like we missed it by a few weeks . . . pretty huge debris, and it was easy to see how it could happen again, so away we went . . . it's a pretty sweet line though, and one I'd love to eventually ski :-) Such is the nature of our sport: the list is always growing!!!

The objective
Debris pile with the valley in the background
And then there was running water . . . we called it here.
At least we got to ski a little something :-) Knik River below . . .

It's always nice to go see something different and get out of rainy Girdwood! I got to finish the day off with some climbing at the gym, Kim's fabulous Forrest Yoga class, and dinner with Sherrie, so I really have no complaints!!!
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