5.4.08 A solo Sunburst adventure

Well, I spent the morning in Anchorage and rallied back home this afternoon . . . after not being able to decide if I should bail out of the state in search of a change of scene (and sunshine!), I decided to go ponder the meaning of life on Sunburst. Walking uphill always gives me peace of mind and the sensation of increasing clarity, although I would say that clarity is fleeting in this transitional time of year. I was greeted with fairly stormy conditions, although there was enough vis to make the travel straightforward. It was tank top weather, although the wind got a little cold up top . . . I kept with the tank top on principle though, because it is May after all. It's pretty crazy how this winter continues . . . there is still tons of snow on Turnagain, I skied in nuking wind in midwinter conditions yesterday, and drove home through a blizzard. All the while, it seems like spring should be here . . . the weather has been sub-par for trips and big objectives, the ski area is closed and the energy super mellow in Girdwood, and I've been wearing flip flops almost exclusively. I even got out my road bike (but later regretted that decision)! I'm not sure what to make of it all, really.

Windy moment at the top . . . bring on the pink puffball!
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Sherrie Soltis said...

Have to say that I love the recent updates and pics.

Eric said...

nice solo mission Kellie,
I just did one too.

jamie said...

I too find clarity and answers when going uphill, go figure!

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Well, all I can say is. Im hungry.