5.7.08 Summit Peak 4916

At least that's what I think it's called.

Hugh and I headed to the old ski area and then south to the peak on Sugar Mountain to ski the N face off the summit . . . good skiing even though the light was super flat. It really felt like winter out there . . . where's May?

Hugh with the mountain/line in the background from the peak to the left of him.

I love flat light!!!! Sunshine is for losers!

If the fashion police call, let them know I ski with 2 jackets so that I never get bored with my looks. Sometimes pink is not appropriate.

The old rope tow looked cool and I had a camera, so here you go.

It was a good day, but I have to admit my fire for skiing has been dimming a bit, so I got home and booked a ticket to California! A 20 minute nap and some packing, and I was off to the airport for friends, sunshine, road bikes, and culture! More to come on that :-)
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