The Sanctuary River . . . finally!

I finally got out to the Sanctuary River recently, after wanting to do it for a long time! I certainly wasn't let down, as Sherrie and I hd a gret time, saw some sunshine, and got to walk on some ridges! We took 3 days so we could hang out in the high country and explore. The route is from Cantwell to Denali Park, where you catch the bus back to the park entrance. It's about equal parts hiking and floating . . . enjoy the view!

Me hiking up the Windy River. I had recently gotten flowers and had nothing to do with them, so I took them on the trip!

Sherrie hiking up over the pass . . . still enough snow to make some turns, and some great recon for amazing couloirs!

On the other side of the pass, heading down to Refuge Valley . . . just as the sun is trying to decide if it will stay or go :-)

Trudling (? sp) big rocks down sweet coolies on our peak bagging afternoon

The view from the top did not suck :-)

The view from the valley was also quite nice, as was the evening light!

On of our many scree descents . . . I actually felt it in my downhill ski muscles!

On the shore of the Sanctuary River, with what looks to be an amazing ridge walk in the background! We were so happy to be in the sunshine!!!

Sherrie floating the Sanctuary River . . . what a day!

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