Vulcán Llaima

Well, I uploaded a few photos from Vulcan Llaima and haven´t found a computer to get the rest up, but here´s some of the climb . . . I¨ll try and get the ski at some point!

Heading up . . . we chose to go around the far climber´s right side since it looked a little less steep and exposed than the main face. It was still glaciated, however, and much less direct . . . I guess that´s not a huge problem since half the point is getting in shape!

Old glacier and lava outflow . . .

Looking down on old eruption effects . . . this one erupted only 4 months ago!!! I´m not sure that all that damage was done in the most recent eruption, however . . .

When we got to the lava at the top, it was literally steaming . . . it was a trip to walk through, but no big deal. It was also pretty warm :-)

So, the crazy part was that, since we had to walk around the rim of the volcano to get back to our descent (since we took the long way up), we had to walk around the caldera and it was intense! Steam coming from everywhere, tons of lava rock, and sulfur remnants. At one point, I climbed up and took a look into the actual caldera and almost got nauseaus . . . it was DEEP! Let´s just say I moved back from the edge immediately!

After walking the caldera, we dropped into a fabulous 5000´corn run . . . and then came another adventure of navegating the Chilean countryside . . . stay tuned!

Vulcán Villarica

Well, I left Anchorage last Monday in a snowstorm and travelled 3 consecutive nights to arrive in Pucon on Thursday morning at 8am and meet my old friend Scott and new friend Christian. Our intention is to spend 2 weeks skiing volcanoes in Chile, and then Scott and I head to Antarctica for and Christian heads back to Whistler.

So, true to KO form, I got off the bus and on my skis, as we headed to Villarica that afternoon. It was just over 5000 ft climb and descent in super good corn! Enjoy the view!

Villarica from downtown Pucon
Me at the beginning of the descent
Scott and I looking down on the world
photos courtesy of Christian Ratcliffe