Day 2 skiing La Frontera

The next morning, we awoke to more sunshine, which would prove to be the norm for this section of the trip, much to my joy! We decided to head back to where we'd been the day before as we'd seen tons of potential for things that would keep us both happy!

Our new home in Puente del Inca

Scott and I decided to divide and conquer again for our first run, as I had my eye on a super sweet coolie and he preferred to stay out of coolie land. Again, he was super supportive and watched me climb and ski from a lovely perch in the sunshine :-) From my run, I got a great view of where we would head the next day, for yet another day of classic alpine terrain. The coolie held some super sweet midwinter chalky snow too, so I was stoked!!!!

For our second run, we headed up over a ridge and into another bowl to head toward a sunny couloir we had seen from the distance and round out the 3-run day :-)

Scott headed down run #2 . . . I love the rock formation of the Andes, especially cuz it provides such interesting ski terrain!!!

Once we finally got to our run, we realized the texture we had seen from a distance was actually the worst nieve penitentes, ever!!! It was refrozen for much of the line as well, which made it less-than-stellar skiing. I'll admit right now I went ahead and side stepped the upper sections, as I did not feel like beating myself up and risking injury for seriously shitty snow!

Scotty coming out of survival mode :-)

From there, we skied out to the road, following our noses down the valley and getting super lucky to find the non-cliffed out ribbon of snow that we did, making for a great day overall and lots of smiles over dinner :-)

Scott with our ski assault vehicle. I should mention, however, that the driver's side door did not open, so I got to do yoga moves over skis and into the seat everytime I got in! What fun :-)

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