La Frontera, day 3

On our third day, we left from the Argentine side and skied this gem I had scoped the day before . . . it was super fun and nice chalky snow, transitioning to softer penitentes than those we'd found the day before!

Day 3 as seen from day 2

Dropping in off the old hangfire - looked like it released quite awhile ago . . .

Gotta love the nice long Andean lines!

The area, as seen from the first Argentine border control point . . . we skied from just to the left of the antenna

After another great day of skiing, and a reasonably early finish, we decided to formally clear customs and then head to Uspallata for some internet, seeing something different, and to escape the 70 10-year-olds staying at our hotel. You heard me right: 70 10-year-olds. Let's just say it was a bit crazy. Scott pointed out that nobody in America would think it's a good idea to give said 70 10-year-olds a bunch of coffee, but such is not the case in Argentina, where I'm reasonably sure they start kids on coffee in kindergarden :-) The best part was when we pulled in that night and they were having a huge dance party . . . seriously classic!

On another potentially interesting note: The Chilean and Argentine customs are actually separated by 18km, and the Argentine customs are on a side road. You don't actually have to drive through when you pass them - seriously odd. As a result, we were in the country for a night until we figured we'd better check in! We got a few questions, but mostly they were cool. Such a nice reprieve from crazy post-911 US security!
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