My favorite day on the frontera!

Well, our 4th day was the "weather day" which means there were clouds and the forecast was for light snow. Once we started cruising the road, however, we found a blue hole over a valley that looked to have some promising mellower terrain (in case what new snow had fallen received some wind transport) and some aesthetic skiing. So, off we went! What we found was a super sweet day of cream cheese! The Andes has a way of turning 2cm of new snow into some of the best carveable and fun ski conditions out there and I love it!!! We had a nice wide open run, followed by a ski to the highway down a super beautiful face with a few nice entries. This was by far my favorite day and I was ecstatic at the bottom of our run . . . I had no idea this was what we'd find here, and was sooooo glad we'd decided to come!

Enjoy the view!!!


The Adventure Channel said...

Very nice pictures!

Sherrie Soltis said...

Very Nice Kellie! Holy blog a thon! I had no idea you had been so busy. I LOVE the pictures, such pretty mountains, and awesome ski lines. Thanks for sharing : )

jacker said...

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Cy Kaicener said...

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