Playing tourist on the Frontera

We did take some time out from skiing to take it all in and have a good time . . . since we weren't used to 10,o00' base elevations, we weren't exactly skiing 8 hour days everyday, especially since the point was to build fitness for Antarctica, not to get wasted . . . it was nice actually, especially cuz it was so sunny!!!

I'm not sure what to say here - in the parking lot to Aconcagua Provincial Park I met some guys on motorcycles who had ridden from BA. Wanting to get info on riding bikes in Argentina, I decided to be their friend, and then we had some laughs and funny picture taking :-)
Scott and I hiked to the Laguna inside the provincial park to see Aconcagua, and because it seemed silly not to since we were staying so close. It was fun, but lame to be back in the land of rules. Here they told us that we can't ski in the area because it's too dangerous, a common message from non-skiing but well-meaning Argentine officials. Such is life, and at least we had a whole highway to explore from :-)
A view of my line from the first day as seen from the highway . . . I topped out just to the looker's left of the high-point rock massif.
I think we should put snowmen on our road signs too . . .
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