. . . and then a proper Argentina vacation!

Adrienne and I both had a week after returning from Antarctica, so we played in the sunshine! We took a bus to Cordoba, rented a car, and explored the area south of the capital city . . . After that, some serious shopping in BA, and then I had a 2 days solo that included waterskiing in the Rio de la Plata and more shopping and eating . . . amazing overall!!!!

Adrienne at the birthplace and childhood home of Che Guevara in Alta Gracia
Casas Viejas - our LodgeSpa . . .

Adrienne, psyched under the blue skies and moving around with our heart rates up!

After our daily massage, we took the chance to read, write, and enjoy our afternoon snacks!

Horseback adventure #1 - headed to a waterfall :-)

Our waterfall - swimming ensued, as did drying out on the hot rocks - I miss dry heat!

Claudio, our guide, chatting business on our ride . . . we made so much fun of him, I thought we were going to die laughing . . . seriously fun!
Our third and final ride . . . a nice way to greet the morning!

On our way out . . . Adrienne, Leandro, me, Claudio
And then we headed to Lago los Molinos to take kitesurfing lessons - our first afternoon ended with a beautiful sunset!

Me, psyched for the next adventure - or maybe I just knew how much fun our bbq and cabin life with new friends was going to be . . .
Trying to learn to kite - this is not an easy sport!
Our final afternoon - waiting my turn in the sunshine, chatting with my new friend Diego :-)

Adrienne left, and I met up with my friend Peter from Las Lenas (who lives in BsAs) - he took me waterskiing on the Rio de la Plata - amazing!!!!

That last week was so much fun!!! I really haven't "taken a vacation" like that in a long time (ever?) and am so thankful for mine and Adrienne's friendship and all our laughs!!!

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