Early May in the Wrangells

Kirsten Kremer and I decided to do a trip into the Wrangells, hoping that a certain line would be in shape, but excited to explore the area regardless. Incidentally, we ran into Peter Inglis (PI) and his girlfriend Julie at World Cup as we were running pre-trip errands in Anchorage. Turns out, they were headed out with a similar program. So, we all camped on the west fork of the Barnard Glacier in the Bona/University Peak area of the Wrangells. Peter and Julie left partway through, and Kremer and I stayed for a total of 12 days. It was a great trip - a mixed bag of weather and ski conditions, but we only had 2 tent days, and those days gave us a good chance to catch up on reading, writing, and coloring!

I had too many pictures, but here's somewhat of a snapshot of what we found - enjoy the view!

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