Random summer images

It would seem most folks around here have been on the summer program for awhile now, but with work and the Wrangells trip, this has been my first chance to get out and play on dry ground!!! It has been beautiful!!!!

Heidi on Crow Pass . . . not fully ready for biking from the top, but in pretty good shape where it's dry! So beautiful up high though!!!

Hooray for wildflowers!

Nora and Chrissy on Bird Ridge . . . taking a quick break on the way down so my knees don't explode!!! Views of the arm never really get old!!!
Nothing like the joys of the "quality of life ride" - otherwise known as Winner Creek, such a great backyard classic! I love being able to ride from my doorsteop! Even though it can get annoying (for those of us who could use some additional arm strength!), the hand tram is pretty cool, and better than swimming Glacier Creek :-)
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