Well, so much happened at the end of my South America adventure that I sort of gave up on blogging about it. But, since I have such a linear mind, I'm not sure I can just skip everything that's happened since last fall, so I think I'll do some abbreviated blogging to catch up!

So, Ushuaia . . . it went sort of like this: show up assuming there would be 2 days until leaving for Antarctica, meet tons of new great folks, get on boat to Antarctica, find out boat is broken and may not go to Antarctica, keep skiing locally, go SCUBA diving in the snow, find out boat isn't going to Antarctica, find boat that is going to Antarctica and form new group with permits to ski, hang out in nice hotels waiting for boat that is going to Antarctica to go.

Arriving with other Ice Axe folks headed south . . . lots of luggage!

Waiting for my soon-to-be-new-best-friend Adrienne

Adrienne skinning up the Martial Glacier, Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel below

Adrienne chuting . . .

Making new friends . . .

Checking seas in the Drake Passage - 30' forecasted . . .

Boarding the Orlova to head to Antarctica - clearly it would be an understatement to say I was excited . . .

Only we didn't go, so we spent the day with our group on the Martial Glacier . . . Andrew, the man in charge

On the day we ultimately would find out the ship wouldn't sail, Adrienne and I went SCUBA diving - why not, right?!?

Since we had a week for the next boat to sail, we skied pow . . .

And we skied some couloirs one valley over from the Martial

Everything behind Glen was our playground . . .

Our last day ended up being an exploration up the Canon de Ovejas and back down the Martial - lots of unkowns, but we had a blast!

Dave on the way up . . . Canon de las Ovejas below

Dave and Glen on the other side, ready to ski!
Glen above our run
Walking down to the bar and pick-up!
Dave and Christian celebrating with artisan beer!

The morning we sailed, we spent walking the coastal trial in the provincial park, to mix it up a bit!

And then we went to Antarctica . . .

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