Cascade Volcano Tour - July 2009

Okay, it's been forever since I've updated, but such is life between work and play, and lacking the inspiration to blog! But, I figured I'd "catch up" on the summer cuz I've been in reflection mode!

After a super fun June of riding bikes and running on ridges, I decided to put the skis back on in July. I felt a little crazy for leaving Alaska in the middle of one of the nicest summers on record, but couldn't help but be intrigued by an invite to join Jordan Manley (who I'd met last fall in Antarctia) and his 6 buddies from BC to see how many Cascade volcanoes we could ski in a week! Definitely a trip of unknowns (especially not having met most of the participants!), but I've always wanted to ski more in the Cascades and thought it was also a great chance to go visit family, so off I went!

The result: a great time full of everything you'd imagine from 8 people in 2 cars skiing 4 big volcanoes in 6 days . . . laughs, great corn skiing, exhaustion, good food, bad food, tense moments, beautiful sunrises, new friends, post-volcano swimming, new places, familiar places, doubt and triumph. Jamie was right when he said that, once we'd romanticized all the pain away, it will have been a great week!

And, to top it off, two in the group are into making videos . . . so enjoy the show!

Jordan's overview video

Climbing Shasta with mostly strangers after a redeye flight, all-day drive, and 1 hr of sleep!

Oh, the beauty of chairlifts! "Recovery" on Mt. Hood

Pushing the limits of running shoes on Mt. Adams

Mt. Rainier putting the hurt on . . . twice!

I am still trying to organize my photos, so enjoy the movies in the meantime!

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Robb said...

Feck I want to go skiing NOW... sweet vids. Was fun seeing you down there!