ANTARCTICA - Ski Day 2 - near Port Lockroy

Day two of skiing found us in familiar territory, leaving the boat from almost the same location we had a year before . . . but this year we had a bit more time and much better weather, so off we went in search of adventure! We had considered something across the bay, but decided to head to the same general area as the rest of the ship, but thankfully leaving earlier and travelling at Dynafit pace to give ourselves some space

Mt. Francais in the background - 9000' straight from the ocean - and our lovely floating home . . . not to mention some cute little gentoo penguins!

Antarctica tends to bring it, so I was not surprised when our lovely ramp turned into a 50 degree booter! Best part was I got to break it :-) I have come to enjoy breaking trail - what's wrong with me these days?!!?

The boys on the knife-edge we topped out on - EXTREME!
From our super sweet first run, we headed around the corner, with Glen and I remembering a series of sweet couloirs we'd seen from the boat last year . . .

And our memory was correct! We climbed and skied the shaded one on the right - classic and steep!

The climb was awesome - high rock walls, pretty decent steps (although axe and crampons kind of steps), and sunshine! We thought we may top out on something flat, but no such luck, so it was a steep-snow transition . . . at this moment and in many moments throughout this trip, I thought back on my Wrangells trip last spring and how much I had learned . . . I love to see what past trips creep into my mind at certain times . . . !

Me dropping in (photo: Scott Fennell). We had lost the direct sunlight which made the run crust over a bit and the skiing become more technical, but I loved every minute of it!!!!

Thomas making his way down . . .

Me and my friends :-)

Celebratory beers on the boat at the end of the day! Me, Steve, Thomas, Scott, and Glen

Unfortunately, during the time we had been skiing super aesthetic cool lines, a member of another group had taken an un-roped crevasse fall that had resulted in a broken leg and resultant rescue. The IceAxe crew did a fabulous job and got the guy back to the ship without any further complications . . . more on that to come.

To see more about this day, check out TetonAT for the writeup

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