ANTARCTICA - Ski Day 3 - Cuverville Island

Well, the lovely thing about the South Shetland Islands is that they are just as rad as the Antarctic continent itself, so we were able to take advantage of our detour and find more great skiing. Also great about this area was the abundance of good zodiac landing sites, which had the effect of spreading out the 106 skiers much better!

Our group headed out and decided to investigate a cool looking glacial ramp as a start to the day. . .

The boys on the skin . . .

Getting goofy - Half Moon and Greenwich Islands in the background

Thomas coming up to the summit

Psyched! After this run, we went over to the col just over my head and skied again!

Stylie turns by Thomas (photo: Scott Fennell)

. . . and stylie turns by Steve Romeo
So, we went around the corner to that mushroom-top mountain and topped out on the col, deciding not to go further as the route got pretty complex and the day was heating up.

Oh the joys of roped up glacier travel!

The Black Diamond backpack crew on the ridge . . . Scott, Steve, Thomas, me

The cool thing about skiing on an island is all the views of the ocean!!!
It was hard to decide if you should look at your run or look around . . . generally it seemed like paying attention to the skiing was the better choice! Me, dropping in (photo: Scott Fennell)

From that run, we did some meadow skipping down to the flats and then had intended to go up another ridge to a nice apron, but were shut down by this huge cornice! So, more meadow-skipping instead!

We got back to the boat with remaining time in the ski day, so I went back to Half Moon Island to roam around on skis, look at animals, and burn a bit more energy :-)

Penguins are rad - if you just sit there, they waddle right on over and get pretty darn close!

I climbed up to the high point . . . extreme! But, for some reason I like this photo - sort of a longing to it.

And then I hung out with some chinstrap penguins - they're pretty cute!

And still made it back to the boat in time for the BBQ - Benjamin was my favorite waiter and he always brought me ice cream after dinner! We nicknamed him Been-jammin :-)

And of course there was more time at the Clipper Bar . . . what would a ski cruise be without such a thing?!?!

For another take on the day and more pictures, check out Steve's words

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Anne said...

I would love to see those penguins too! I really hope to have my own antarctica trip someday. :(