ANTARCTICA - ski day 4 in the S Shetlands - double day!

So, our 5th day of skiing was another one in the South Shetlands, divided up into a pre-lunch and post-lunch stop. The day dawned blue again and we immediately put our eyes on some tasty looking couloirs, skinning around the back and trying to drop in before the rest of the groups arrived - this was a cool area, but did cause a bunch of people to be on top at once - good thing was that we had super stable snowpack.

Our lines . . .

Thomas making it look easy . . . (photo: Scott Fennell)

Glen Poulsen gettin' some! (photo: Scott Fennell)

Looking down from our 3rd run . . . we didn't ski this direction, but I thought it looked super cool to look down to the ocean!

Oh the lovely views :-)

Thomas Laakso takin' it to the Southern Ocean!

Sam Bass skied to the ocean and insisted on taking it all the way!!!

Looking back at our knob of goodness as we seal watched on our way back to the boat!

That afternoon, we moved a bit and checked out another sweet zone - lots of cool lines in this area.

Scott Fennell gettin' ready to drop in . . . notice the pack ice in the distance . . . super cool :-)

Oh sweet couloirs to the sea - how I love you :)

Adam Clark looking over the edge - the day went graybird, but it had the effect of dramatizing the landscape (which was already dramatic) . . . super cool for sure.

Overall another unique day . . . some new lines and new views :-)

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Marky said...

A few days spent on Antarctica Travel looks so amazing and thrilling!