ANTARCTICA - Skiing on the continent at Ciervo Cove

Well, after two days crossing the Southern Ocean, we made it to the continent of Antarctica, choosing Ciervo Cove as our first ski location. The film crews and scouters got off first and we were able to follow about an hour later . . .

Coming upon the continent . . . nice to be greeted by sunny skies and stunning views!

We skinned over to a col and decided to descend the bowl behind us . . . group photo: Thomas Laakso, Scott Fennell, me, Steve Romeo, and Glen Poulsen
Partway down the bowl, we found a sweet coolie and boot up 'er . . . super stellar views in all directions from the top!!!!

And then we got to drop in for our first steep turns of the trip . . . hip hop hooray! (photo: Scott Fennell)

I like skiing to the water with huge beautiful glaciers in the background!

From there, we headed back up to the col and down the front side, finding the coolest little routes we could throughout the rocks!

Thomas shows us how it's done . . . you can see the ship below! (photo: Scott Fennell)

Overall, it was a cool day skiing once we finally got mobilized in the morning! To see another take on the day and more pictures, check out TetonAT

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