ANTARCTICA - travel day to King George Island, South Shetland Islands

As is the nature of life and backcountry skiing, sometimes the unexpected happens and so it was with this trip. Due to the broken leg and remoteness of where we were, our boat headed north to a Chilean base on King George Island where a C-130 would transport the patient to Punta Arenas and then he could get home to the USA . . . pretty impressive actually: within 48 hours of breaking his leg in Antarctica, he was in an American hospital getting treated.

Cruising the Neumeyer Channel at sunset . . . beauty!

Icebergs don't get old, in case you're wondering!

. . . neither does time with the crazies in the Clipper bar . . . this particular evening I was learning to appreciate Scotch. I should not admit that I forgot most of my lessons already!

King George Island with the zodiac going to shore . . .

From there, we sailed on to Half Moon Island and were able to at least get on shore to walk around, even though there was not enough day left to ski . . . was nice to be out cruising though, and the views were super awesome! I walked further than most so I could just watch the animals alone and then chill on a rock and take it all in . . . pretty nice :-)

Fun with weddell seals and shadows!

Who can resist the temptation to do headstands on an iceberg?!?! Clearly I can't!!! (photo: Thomas Laakso)

Super beautiful evening light - chinstrap penguins in the distance

Overall it was a cool day - Kristin did another great Zen session during our travel, and the evening light as we walked around Half Moon Island was quite calming. For another take on the day, check out Steve's writeup.

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