February 2010 . . . CA creek and more

Well, there are always those days you'll remember for a long time . . . they're fun, inspiring, exhausting, and memorable for the beauty as much for the challenge. Our exploration up into the Raggedtop valley and down California Creek was definitely one of those days. 14 hours, start to finish, we had intended to go back and ski Fish's Breath, but were inspired by what we found along the way, and decided to stay and explore instead of heading back to the windhammered objective of earlier . . .

Me and Chris Page . . . the boys undertaking some cornice-cutting extravaganza to "safe-out" our run

Kris Abel on the other end . . . first time skiing with Kris, and I'm not sure he knew what he was getting himself into! Great sport though, and fun to have new folks along for the exploring!

Me coming up the skin track we lapped, with the dog that followed us all day . . . I bet that dog was regretting that choice!!!

I guess the scenery was okay . . . if you're into that sort of thing! Me lovin' it!

Galen, Kris, and Bobby scoping their lines . . . this was also my first time skiing with Galen - we went on to have multiple memorable ski days this spring!

Galen surfing the big skis!

Kris showing us how it's done, with style!

Stairway/pathway to heaven . . . still skiing, despite the fact that the day is clearly waning . . . too beautiful and amazing to leave!!!

I think this is Kris again, although it could be Galen . . .

On the last descent into CA creek - me and Kris - if only we knew what we were in for!

From there, it was alder-bashing, skin-failing, creek-navegating in the darkness on legs that had been climbing and skiing all day . . . perhaps not the most graceful end to a ski day I've ever had, but all's well that ends well and it was a truly remarkable and memorable day overall . . . I am so amazed sometimes by how much insanely cool skiing exists in the Girdwood valley and how a lot of it really isn't that far away . . . I learned some lessons about skiing in this area though, and am super psyched to go back and explore more this season . . . yeah skiing!!!!

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