June 24: Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic finish!!!

Well, the next time I came home to full-on summer . . . watching my ski season melt away from afar was pretty brutal, but I guess that's life.

So, I came home to a mountain bike in the front range, and then Matt and I flew in his plane up to McKinley village so we could hike in and meet Bobby and his partners for the conclusion of the Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic . . .

Bobby and Matt . . .

Chris Robertson and his wife . . . she took a break from studying for medical school boards to come meet him! The parking lot and official finish is in the background . . .

The winners at the finish line, signing the finisher's roster . . . only one other team finished, and it was 3 days later!!!

A happy finisher in clean clothes :-)

The flight home . . . airplane living is a good life :-)

Here's the article from the Daily Newsminer in Fairbanks

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