Skiing Byron Peak N face April 25th

When we came back from the St. Elias range, we went to Moose's Tooth for dinner and ran into Luc and Erica . . . Erica told me that Byron was skiing well, so the next day Bobby and I headed out to check it out . . .

Me on the initial ridge climb with Portage Lake behind me

Bobby with Portage and Whittier behind him - gorgeous day!

The Byron N face that we eventually skied, with the spunky glacier route below :-)

Overall, it was a great day - the wind came up and shocked us with how wintry it still was up high, but it's such a classic line and I was super psyched to have a chance to ski it! Conditions were excellent as well . . . a little funky for the first few turns, but pretty good from there. We skied the second half down the fall line (instead of doing a high skiers left traverse) and were successful at navigating a route through the glacier . . . a spectacular day!!!

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