Skiing outta Whittier with the girls . . . and finally nailing Bard!

Well, May rolled around and I found myself seeking skiing out of Whittier . . . it's not a place I normally ski, but conditions seemed right and the weather was certainly right, so off we went!!!

Jenna on the climb outta town . . . this area tops out for a 4000' run back to the car - awesome!!

Nancy making stylish turns off the summit of our high point . . . not sure what it's called, but it's the peak to the looker's left of Bard, across the Shakespeare Glacier . . . a super fun ski off the top!!! And the ice chunks skied like gates :-)

Jenna incoming
From there, the girls had to bail but I needed some skintrack meditation, so crossed the Shakespeare Glacier over to Bard Peak - I had gotten turned around on the peak earlier in the year and wanted to re-investigate.
I made it to the top of the west face (I guess that's not really the summit, but it was the summit that I was going for) and spent a moment of gratitude before dropping in for a super sweet line overlooking Portage Lake in perfect light and great snow! I was so joyous at being there and loved the ski!
From there, it was back across the Shakespeare, where I decided to hike back up to the plateau and enjoy the long run back to town instead of skiing to Whittier via Portage Pass . . . it was totally worth it, and then I got a ride through the tunnel and back home, no problem!

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