We interrupt ski adventures to bring you . . . work travels

So, one time my old boss Joe Lammers pointed out that I have a linear mind. My first reaction was to dispute this assertion, feeling resolutely like I am not like all those other engineers - I'm free thinking and free spirited . . . anything but linear! But, it turns out that I do in fact like systems and order, data and facts - and I do process things in a linear manner a lot of the time.

So, with that in mind, I find myself a year behind on my blog, and unable to bypass the last year before I move on to exciting upcoming trips that I'd like to share, as well as some great experiences over the last year. So, I'm gonna do the reader's digest version of the rest of 2010 - enjoy!!!

April was a cool chance to do something new work-wise, both in the chance to attend fire training in Elko, NV and to work on a cool project to replace some compressors in Prudhoe Bay (which involved a few trips to Arcadia, CA!).

Fighting fire in Elko

Jeremy, me, and Jeremy :-)

The fringe benefit of work in Arcadia was the chance to catch up with some friends from college for dinner in LA . . . super fun to see Lindsay, Julie, and Jen . . . so much has changed, but so much felt the same as well - thanks ladies!

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