Alyeska headwall traverse

Although I didn't get out to explore as much as I would have liked to this summer, I did have a chance to do some of my favorite classic Girdwood things, like the Alyeska headwall traverse - we did it a little early in the season (late July), which meant we had some snow-based technical tennis shoe downclimbing, but we made it through and celebrated with some 7G fancy drinks!

Bobby nearing the "extreme" section 
Ummm, I'd really like to come back this winter and re-explore the lines behind me!!!

My lovely Girdwood below - I can even see my house!!!  What a wonderful idyllic little valley!!
Nothing like a fancy drink and a tram ride down!
The best part was that, after the hike, I had some inspiration left over and went for a bike ride on the new resort trails . . . hike a bike to the top of chair 4, techy downhill, and then a good dinner . . . not a bad way to spend a last day before going back to work!!!  This was definitely a great two weeks off!!!

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