Lake Clark National Park - exploration on SUP

Bobby and I decided to take his plane out to Lake Clark to use our new SUPs and explore a little . . . we found some stunning country, plentiful ideas for future trips, a little adrenaline, some peace and tranquility, and had a great trip overall :-)

Cook Inlet mud flats from the air - super awesome!

Twin Lakes - we had hoped to land here, but the only cub strip we could find was not suitable for the winds we had

Idyllic Port Allsworth

SUP exploring on Lake Kontrashibuna - about 3-4 mi from town up a super nice trail, with Tanalian Falls on the way!
Idyllic sunny day SUPping!
After our lake SUP, we decided to head down Tanalian River to Lake Clark . . . some folks had told us that "the kids raft it every summer" so we figured, how bad could it be?!?
Tanalian Falls - hence the portage :-)
Nearing Lake Clark, after the "harrowing" section of Tanalian River - glad to know we made it through alive!!

Headed for the lake, calm enough to stop for pictures!
Whew!  Relief :-)
Happily lake-side, adding the larger fin for flatwater efficiency

We flew over Tanalian River the next day - I think this was the roughest bit - a little intense for our 3rd time on SUP!!

Overview of Tanalian River - such a cool day!

Next stop: Telaquana Lake

We hiked a few miles upriver to SUP down Telaquana River down to the lake
Bobby, with a view toward the lake
Me headed down Telaquana River

Me on Telaquana Lake - super beautiful night - we totally nailed the weather!

Our super beautiful camp site!  Was a great place for a big fire later that night :-)

View of the section of Telaquana River that we SUPped, as well as our flight path toward home - stunning area!

Tordrillo views did not suck!
Looking down on the Triumverate Glacier - badass!!!

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Sherrie Soltis said...

Nice pics! I would love to check out that area next summer ; )