Some Talkeetnas bliss with Sherrie

Well, after spending so much time in the rain last summer with Sherrie in the Talkeetnas, we got our redemption this year . . . although it was a quick overnighter of the Bomber traverse with a return via the Snowbird Hut, it was so wonderful to be out, and so wonderful to spend a long day walking with one of my favorite people in the world!!!

From the Mint Trail parking lot
I just had to lay in the sun - I was exhausted from a super stressful hitch at work!!  Sherrie was so kind to let me relax and enjoy the time chatting and listening to the water pass by :-)
Was this really my first time at the Mint Hut?!?!

Ummm, holy beautiful place!!  I was amazed at how big and stunning this area is!!
Looking down on the hut as we ascended over Backdoor Gap
It wouldn't be the Talkeetnas without some scree :-)

Looking over at the Mint Glacier
Descending the Penniroyal Glacier
Ever a good samaritan, Sherrie recovers some old balloon trash!
Stunning on the other side as well, although doesn't look too kind to travel much further up valley
Looking down toward the Bomber Hut 

At the base of the climb to the Snowbird Hut . . . starting to sprinkle, but we didn't have much to complain about after such a stunning day of sunshine!!!!
View from the Snowbird

Heading up the Snowbird Glacier in the morning

And the clouds continued to part as we walked into them, with sun illuminating us all the way home!!

Soltis wins the fashion award
We're so cute!!  So great to get out with Sherrie, even if only for a night!

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