Summer SUP adventures

. . . and when I came back, it was summer.  It was time to run in Prudhoe Bay, time to wear flip flops, sit on the porch with smoothies and coffee, time to ride bikes, time to sleep in with the knowledge that there is no hurry for the day is long . . .

Probably the most random and fun thing of the summer was buying inflatable SUP and trying them out on a few Alaskan rivers . . . the first was Portage Creek - near home, mellow, gorgeous day, and a good river to get my sister out on a packraft for her first time!

From there, we stepped it up to Placer River, accessed by the Alaska Railroad.  We went with Rebecca, Tim, and Yuki in packrafts, and had a good time practicing with Yuki on the SUP for a bit more balance practice!  The rapids up by the bridge were pretty fun, and we had yet another great day!!!

Overall, a fun few days of exploring with a new toy!!!

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