Alaska skiing '11 - Eddie's south face on NYE

Well, the post-Christmas time home was one of the best 2 weeks of my life for sure - I ultimately had to take a rest day because my legs just couldn't do it day after day in the brutal cold . . . but that rest day might have been the best day of the whole time off - there's something magical about earning the "right" to do absolutely nothing . . . love it!!

It started out with 2 days on Magnum/Goldpan and skiing my favorite face on Turnagain Pass for the first time this year . . .

My tracks on my favorite "little kid" line - Nick skied the burly line off the summit . . . what I would call a "big kid" line :-)
New years eve was a great day out on Turnagain - Charlie Renfrow, Corky Still, Paul Forward, Jared Gross, and I headed out for some new fun terrain in the sun!  Awesome day, except for the rock I hit which gave me a huge core shot and pretty gnarly fall . . . such is life I suppose!

me headed up (photo: Charlie Renfrow)
Corky skiing (photo: Charlie Renfrow)

me on run #1 (photo: Charlie Renfrow)

(photo: Charlie Renfrow)

(photo: Charlie Renfrow)

Paul incoming! (photo: Charlie Renfrow)

New years day was a super cold and brutal one . . . foreshadowing of the January to come . . . we ended up (me, Corky, Paul) exploring the Pete's area, hoping to ski the long S face on Pete's south, but getting shot down by windslab as we were trying to avoid ridge walking in the brutally cold wind . . . such is life!

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