Skiing Alaska - December '11

Well, after an earth-shatteringly fabulous time off in November, my free time in early December was a bit less stellar due to two huge storms that pretty much shut the world down . . . the fringe benefit was of course appropriate weather to throw a raging 80s workout party (and properly enjoy the next day without too much exertion) and ski some resort days . . .

Somehow the tele crew found it in the heart to ride a chair with an alpine skier ;-)

Who said there's no girls in AK?  Corky has his pick!
The good thing about bad weather is that it makes ice climbing a lot more appealing - and warm storms make for a lot more pleasant climbing!  It was great to swing tools for a day and chat it up with Sherrie (although I have to say that skin tracks are more conducive to chatting than ice climbs!)

Sherrie on the lower pitch of Kid's Corner - I think I did one too many laps on the lower section cuz I was WORKED by the end of the last pitch!!

Colorful and talented Sherrie

The highlight of this time off was skiing Tincan Proper . . . at this point, the line has been skied so many times that it doesn't seem like a big deal . . . but the first steep line of the season, the first time on Proper this season, and the total unexpected nature of skiing a big line made it super cool . . . leave it to Erik to provide some inspiration!!
Kathy and Erik coming down the ridge

Kathy on the line . . . it was awesome!!

 We actually went back and skied it the next day before partying it up for Heather's birthday and Shelley's cancer-versary . . . 80s workout theme!  My floor was actually flexing from all the dancing, but all's well that ends well I suppose!

Mary really nailed it on the costume - right down to the hair!

Jen Mac and Shelley starting the dance party early . . .

North slope invasion of the party :-)

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