Skiing Alaska - November '11 favorites

Well, what can I say?  Alaska's early season was pretty much all-time this year . . . it was such a nice way to transition back home after Argentina, to reconnect with friends and feel like I hadn't missed a beat!  Of course, my photos are spotty at best, but there are at least a few good ones in here!

11/7/11 . . . skiing with Corky and his buddies on the Sunnyside before it opened to snowmachines - a super beautiful and sunny day, cut short unfortunately by sketchy windslab and some avy action . . .
photo: Corky Still
photo: Corky Still

photo: Corky Still

photo: Corky Still

11/8/11 Turnagain touring with Tim Glassett - Tim's working a bunch and in school, so it's a rare day that we get out touring - we had an awesome day though: Sunburst south face-Pastoral S face - super bowl - magnum W face . . . classic Turnagain mega tour!
dreaming of Goldpan lines!
Tim, our snow science enthusiast!

11/9/11 Magnum with Sherrie - this girl has got to be one of my favorite partners of all time and I feel so lucky when she comes skiing with me . . . when we ski together, I am not sure if the focus is skiing or chatting because both happen at pretty high levels :-)  We had some wind this day, but still managed to have some excellent turns!!

11/10/11 - Sunnyside with Sherrie and Erin . . . this was Erin's first time touring and it helped both Sherrie and I realize that ski touring is actually really difficult!!  Erin is a world-class athlete, but the heavy setup and new sport made for a funny day :-)
Sisters on the sunnyside :-)


Erin and Sherrie
Me 'n Sherrie
 11/12/11 . . . ladies day on Sunnyside - well, not so sunny, but excellent skiing regardless!  It was fun to be out with Sarah Heck, Cortney Kitchen, and Erica Madison - all strong skiers and climbers, and super fun ladies!!
me, Erica, Cortney, Sarah

11/14/11 - my last day home and a super fun day on Turnagain . . . the snow was shockingly good and we were inspired to venture further than we'd planned . . . CB #2 couloir to Goldpan to the corner pocket area and out the magnum west face . . . finish at dark, all smiles to fuel some daydreaming at work!!

Russ above Goldpan 
Russ on Goldpan

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